With the announcement of the Supply Chain Resilience Initiative (SCRI) by Australia, India, and Japan, the roadmap for large manufacturing enterprises is clearly drawn: the conventional ways of procurement, evaluation, inventorying, manufacturing, and supply chain integration will have to change drastically.

With smart and sustainable revising of regulatory initiatives in establishing both backward and forward supply chains and ensuring that new technologies are integrated into all aspects of manufacturing activity, the role of a Chief Procurement Officer is changing beyond recognition.

How are geopolitical and catastrophic events including outbreak of pandemics disrupting procurement? How to improve resilience in identifying and evaluating alternative supply chains effectively in a reasonable time? How are CPOs influencing change in procurement planning, inventorying, and manufacturing processes? What are the new materials, technologies, and processes that minimize the reliance on longer and monopolistic supply chains?

Join Questex Asia’s CPO Innovation Executive Forum as we move towards achieving objectives and milestones that will bring resilience and elasticity in your organization. Do not miss this opportunity to meet Procurement and Supply Chain leaders virtually. 

Key Topics

  • Consolidating Existing Supply Chain Partnerships for BCP
  • Building Capacity and Early Warning Systems: Technology Integration for Simulation
  • Tapping Stimulus Plans for Creating Supply Chain Closer to Manufacturing Base
  • Demystifying Supply Chain Alternatives and Risk/Legal Management
  • The Role of Industry 4.0 and Automation Technologies in a CPO’s Functioning

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